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Private Ski lesson



Cottage Bongo is located at center of Niseko ski resort. 

It is a good base for the exploration around Niseko. 

Not only ski resort but also you can explore backcountry areas from here. 

It is a good idea to have a guide who knows a lot around the area so that 

you can enjoy the most of Niseko. 


Yohei Sasaki is one of our main guide who has grown up in Niseko. 

He has been skiing Niseko from age of 3. 

Now he is 28 years old and skiing most of the days in winter. 


We also does ski instructions for those who want to brush up ski skills. 

Yohei and his group instructors will take care of your ski skills. 

We will instruct you basic ski skills. 

Depending on your skill, we upgrade ski instruction. 



We also does photo service for free. 

We give you photos at the end of the day. 


Let`s enjoy amazing snow of Niseko. 


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